Night time angst

Woke up at 4 last night and couldn’t go back to sleep thinking about life. Few things looks good at 4 in the morning. Including my fears. 

I was panicking about work (what am I doing, why am I working in CRM, when are they going to figure out I’m a fraud, maybe I should just become a dog walker instead), being on the meds (I’m weak to need them), living in London (how the fuck am I and george to ever have the money for a good life here) and the big life questions. 
Since george is away it was only Woolly to hug me better. And he avoided my hug. Little rascal. But I texted george and woke to some amazing boyfriend pep.
And to make today better I put on my new dress and decided to win today. 
Of course my period showed up this morning. Hello PMS worry and general life angst. It’s always something like that when you lay awake late at night.
And because I’m an awesome dog mummy I got W a new bed. This is the same one he has at Ms and he apparently loves it so hoping for some more room on the sofa. Happy belated bday and early Xmas little dude. And to george for no more grumbling about space for sofa nights. 
And because even more awesome to my doggy me and katta treated mini man to Turkish yesterday. This is him eagerly waiting for his food. Not patient that one. 
We might have had some food as well. And delicatoballs. Told ya, PMS galore. 

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