Dog bed heaven

It’s no news I have a pretty spoilt doggo. Because he is awesome. And I love spoiling the people/animals I love. 

True to that I got W two new beds. A travel one and a luxurious home bed. 
He is in love. I might have lost my dog to dog bed heaven forever. Win on the not having two hairy heroes in bed though. 
Because george came back from Finland yesterday. Finally. I’m a 100% not made for long distance. 
His friend Alan is over from Paris so I treated him to some London swag by taking him for dinner and ciders at queens head. 
Woolly was not sad of the prospect of some burger. Expert begging face. The ‘I’m just going to sit here and look beyond cute until you take pity on me’ face. Works every time.
Then we came home and rolled around in our new blanket. Like angel feathers. Woolly instantly claimed it as his. 
Today I’m channeling the 60s after watching good girl revolt and wanting to be that effortlessly cool. So knee highs and short skirt for the win. 
Sexy bathroom selfie. 

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