London in my heart forever

We have another suspected terrorist attack here this morning. A bomb exploded on the tube pretty close to us. This is my old Wimbledon line. It seems that no one is dead and not too many injuries. 

Poor London, what are they doing to you?
We are all good though, W and george are snoozing at home and im safely tucked away at work. 
It’s so cold but pretty out at the moment. Only 8 degrees this morning. But W and me braved the cold and headed out into a pretty London morning. Before news of explosions and sadness. 
Yesterday katta, me and W walked along the canals in little Venice. London showed off its finest and I was absolutely in love with London and life. Autumn is my jam! 
And this morning I found a massive spider in the bathtub, true sign of it getting cold when the animals crawl in from the garden. 
You win some you lose some living in London…
Then my friend sent me a pictures of the speakers at Optimove connect. Uh oh! 
Tonight taking it super easy. Party times tomorrow so need to rest my poor body to get ready for all night dancing. 

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