It’s Wednesday today. I’ve started my excel spreadsheet with Christmas gifts. Planning and thinking. It makes me happy. Finding gifts that make the people I give them to understand how much they mean to me. Sometimes I fail. But sometimes I get it right.

I am tired at the moment. Don’t have much energy. Pick up W after work and die on the sofa when I get home. Should exercise, should cook and not eat ready meals, should change that lightbulb in the bathroom that’s been out for 3 months. 
But I pat my belly and eat candy on the sofa instead. Because sometimes that is what you need to do. Self care. 
Went for another walk with Katta along the canal yesterday. I realise I don’t only sit on the sofa, I also walk. Between 2 and 3 hours a day. I guess that is where my time goes. I’m some kind of walking freak. 
George came home not too late (winning) and we watched another episode of fringe. 
Yes. Life. Pretty slow going at the moment. But also good. 

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