King of the night, loser today :(

It was the quarter finals of the gin off yesterday. I asked George if I should take the day after off so that we could celebrate. 

He said no.
Oh god I wish he hadn’t. Because he won (of course, he is the best) and we celebrated ALL night with ALL the drinks.
Today I am in a world of pain…
Me. When I was still innocent and unknowing of the hungover that would claim my life.
Crew getting ready for drinking the cocktails.
George made a lingonberry gin drink with a rosemary and thyme syrup. Delicious. 
And they won!! 2 goes on to the semi finals and they made it through. 
So yeah, we had to celebrate. We went on to El Camion and had verditas. And daiquiris. 
Schlepped our sorry asses home around 1. Which was not too bad. Still kind of drunk when I woke up this morning. I’m at work now. Hanging on for dear life. Pondering if it’s a give away to nail a cheeseburger. 

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