Things I’ve been up to when I wasn’t drinking

It has been a couple of busy days with crayfish party and ginoff but don’t you worry, I have had time for the sofa.

Here are some crazy stuff me and my little family have been up to in between drunk and hungover 
I admired my semi naked (sorry dad) man on Sunday morning. Best lazy day ever.
Then it turned into his best day because super smash brothers for wii was delivered. I know what my man will be up to this autumn. 
I let him be and lighted my new candle smelling of the Swedish forest. Best smell ever.
I also finally got myself a watering can 
As well as another funky plant. I have no idea what this is but it sure looks weird. How I like ‘em.
On Monday George came with me for the morning walk. It was about 100 times nicer with company. But to be honest, I don’t mind my early walks with doggo.
This morning it was all bursting with colour. 
And last but not least, yesterday’s dinner that is the most hungover thing you can do. Winner! 

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