Christmas is coming

Today it’s two months to Christmas. Time to get excited for real!! 

With that said, I have already bought half of the gifts (including getting everything in order for Gs one. I’ll blow his little socks off if I can get it all done) and started listening to Christmas songs yesterday 
Don’t tell anyone it’s Spotify, I need to set the lists up on Deezer…
This is serious business guys. Only two months to enjoy. Lucia is booked, ticket home sorted and the Swedish Christmas market planned. Need my ginger bread dough fix. 
My own naked bartender. George making syrup for the gin off on Monday. Unfortunately I’m in Tel Aviv (gaaaaah, freaking out about my panel stuff) so I can’t support him. 
But W and me will cheer him on from afar. We are believers. 
But back to Christmas. This is the garden centre at Ravenscourt. Loving it. Katta and me went there on Sunday and it was heaven. 
Sun, tea, cake and awesome friends. Life -10points 

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