Fire and drinks

Phew. Busy bee at the moment. Mostly because of the viewings. And a bit of stress over Tel Aviv on Sunday. George don’t really get it because mega social but I’m stressing big time about a) going by myself without knowing anyone for 4 days and being that person awkwardly hovering next to the buffet b) speaking in front of 500 experts. Gaaaaah!! 

We’ve been to 6 viewings today. Nothing spectacular though so the hunt goes on. We also ran into Ella at havelock. She gave me some bad news that threw me a bit. So very happy for a night on the sofa tonight #oldandproud 
Yesterday popped by trailer happiness on our way to dinner at temper. Rasa showed off her fire skills. 
Then met this beauty for her 30th. Delicious drinks and good company. Acing life.
Makes you this happy 
Or maybe it’s was the double fisting of drinks. 
When I got to check out my man reading a book on the way home my night was complete #blessed #yoganext #andhealthylife 
This morning Katta sent me a photo of the first time we met. 21 year old Cissi in Lund. Same awesome photo face that I sport 14 years later. 

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