We signed a flat!

For the parents out there wondering. We have found a place. It was one of those were we walked and just knew it was our place. Both of us came out excitedly talking about our parties and Woolly and just life. 

It’s got a garden, two bedrooms (for anyone visiting you can have your own room), 1 min down the road and same price as the one we are in. All the things we were dreaming of. 
And the best thing, we get to do it together. 
Living room 
Garden! With actual hanging out space and that woolly will love.
Kitchen. With a big fridge and freezer. Hello all the ice cream. And ice! 
Bedroom. With door out into to garden. Yes to lazy mornings and letting W straight out without walking him first.
Study and extra room.
And the bathroom. Pretty banging. 
More garden because love the garden 
Floor plan 
And yeah, just around the corner.
Best. Saturday. Ever 

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