A weekend as a unicorn

It’s Halloween tomorrow. And I’m in Israel minus outfit and a conference to attend. Yes, that is a tragedy. 

However, most people people celebrated this weekend so all could have not been lost. If someone had invite me to a dress up party. Which no one did. Bastards.
That is not going to stop me though. 
Friday night rocked my unicorn onesie on the sofa like a boss.
Saturday morning rocked it again for breakfast even more like a boss. And for good luck for the viewings. 
And when Bella changed her bday party theme to be ‘dress for success’ I went for the triple. What is more success than a unicorn? 
George matched my successful look. Too bad we were the only ones who dressed up…
On Sunday morning George went for the Johnny bravo hair. Winning. 
That’s how lovely a weekend as a unicorn can be. 

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