I am currently in the UK

I’m at hard at work trying to reach my Christmas weight. It’s not the same as normal weight, it’s 2 kg less than what you weigh so that the 3kg you gain over Christmas only leaves you 1kg up. 

I normally fail on this. So far this year nothing new. I’m gourging on ginger bread dough and wear loose clothes. As god intended for the cold season. But aim for the stars they say so I’ll do just that. 
George and me tried this yesterday to see what our phones says about us 
I’m clearly all lives up and miss George a lot. Seems legit. 
George on the other hand really, really, really want to live in UK. Like freakishly so. Ok buddy, you got it.
This is a man who currently lives in the UK. 
Then I had a couple of meetings that left me exhausted so ended up on the sofa with W waiting for George to get home.
But he had to work late so lit the candle I got from him and chilled out eating all that ginger bread dough before bedtime. 
So long Christmas weight. 

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