It’s here

The new Sanderson book came out today. You’ll find me on the sofa for the coming days. I’ve sent George and Woolly away for 100% reading time. Wonder if I can inject my dinner. 

I’m pretty excited about this.
On Friday I went to Found and hung out with this banging crew. I drank a lot of cocktails. It was a night for that. 
BloggerImageMe and stu sent angry photos to Katta for not being there. But they weren’t really angry, we just missed our third musketeer.
I was hungover all Saturday and George took care of me. Then he made Katta and me dinner and we watched dark knight. He won at being a boyfriend. He is always awesome but this was extra awesome. He made us mashed potato…
On Sunday I walked the mini wolf and came home to George speaking to his parents. This is he perfect Skype outfit. When no one can see below the waist. I’m loving the pants and unicorn slipper combo though.
Then we grabbed stu and went to queens head for Sunday roast. Don’t get more London than that.
Yesterday was almost sunny, and freezing. 
I schlepped lots of bubble wrap home 
And then W and me waited for George to come home from his fancy dinner at liams. 
That was all folk, now READING

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