It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Here’s a little Sunday hello from a icy cold and beautiful London.

Woolly and me are on the sofa watching the new Anne from green gables on Netflix. Loved those books when I was a kid and I’m not disappointed of this version. Strong women in the beginning of the last century. Also, Anne was me as a kid, too much imagination and loved too read book.
So here I am eating raindeer sausage and watching Netflix while george is snoozing in bed. Perfect Sunday morning.
I’m also getting the house slowly Christmassy one little bit at a time. Bought these cute little pine cones at the Xmas market yesterday. 
The little old woman who made them came up to Lollo yesterday and hugged her for buying them. As the big sappy I am that almost made me cry. 
And my Lucia train. Since I miss Lucia yet again this year since I’m going to Paris this will have to do instead. 
Soon out in this crisp weather for a walk with Katta. It’s a good thing my boyfriend and my friends like different things so I have time for everyone when they need me. 

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