Status update

I know it’s been quiet my end but I’ve just been home, again, with a cold and I’m so bored by my own life that I’ve ignored it. Completely.

However, some fun things did happen this week.
We went to the gin off 
Jay won but it was very close and I must admit I loved George’s the best. And we all know I dong lie about something as important as gin cocktails…
Then we celebrated but was actually home by 1. Monday after all. 
I woke up with a killer cold sore. Always a show of bad things to come. I had dinner with Ella and her mum, so lovely to see them, but waking up on Wednesday I was dead.
Headed to work because you have to give it a try but sent myself home after my meetings. 
Since then it’s been me and the sofa…
But today it’s first of December and we are celebrating with our advent calendars at home.
Mine is absolute indulgence 
I even found this years first hyacinths. December is complete…
Today Katta comes over during the day and then Stu comes tonight. Need to wrap my Xmas gifts for the Krastev’s so that he can bring them to Sydney. 
I promised George I would be better with the gift buying this year. I failed. Everyone gets one…

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