One lucky girl

It’s first of advent and I’m finally feeling better after spending the weekend in bed kicking the last of my cold.

Got the house in order this morning. Hidden in this picture is the moving chaos of like 10 000 books of olives but from this angle it looks nice and Christmassy. 
George was not convinced. I think he believes i make up things to celebrate in December. 
But I persevered and wore my sweater and a little bow. Presentation is everything.
And because George is too good to be true he brought me saffron buns from fabrique. 
Yes. He is the boyfriend super hero.
He did take care of me all weekend. Cooked me food yesterday and I kid you not, say next to me trying to find comedies for us to watch all day.
Sweetest man ever.
And on Friday him and Stu brought me food. Because there is not only one but two amazing men in my life. 
I also had company from Katta who came bearing sweeties and a hyacinth.
Damn, just realised I’m spoilt rotten. If a person is judged by the people close to them I think I might be a saint. Which we all know is not true. But they are still heroes. 
And now George is cooking me dinner again. I’m off to help him. 

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