A perfect snowy weekend

Ok seriously it’s not fair making us go to work when it’s sooooo close to Christmas. Even if I’m fairly busy at the moment I find myself humming along the Xmas songs simply not caring #sorrynotsorry 

This is moving week as well so my head is filled up with packing and deposits and other super exciting things. 
My Friday was spent in an empty and messy flat trying to get some feeling by smelling my hyacinth and lighting my candles. It kind of worked. Almost.
But then Katta, George and me braved the traffic and spent an hour on the bus to Lollo in battersea.
She had saffron buns and dill crisps so totally worth the ride.
Then Ella and her friend joined and we went to a house party in east. It was crazy. So we gave up after about an hour and headed home. 
Woke up to snow!! 
So put on our warmest clothes and headed out. 
Woolly was not particularly impressed but George got to throw snowballs and make cheap snowcones (just stay away from the yellow snow) so that was one happy boy.
Then we chilled 
And chilled some more. 
Only two weeks to go before we are back in the motherland. Until then, all the Xmas music I can stomach. 

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