A pretty banging Monday

Look at how much of a bad ass Woolly is in this article 

Clearly the coolest dog of the pack rocking his sweater and awesomeness. 
I am VERY excited today since George is giving me one of my Xmas gifts tonight and I have no idea what it is. 
Last year it was amazing burlesque circus so wondering how he is topping it this year. No pressure…
He did rock my socks yesterday showing up at home in suit and bringing Turkish food. 
Look at this hawt man. Yum.
Before that I did some packing (riveting) and watch a musical, demon anime with hot dudes. Yes I’m 35 and still fall a bit in love with cartoon figures. 
Counting down the hours. 4 more before I get to go see my man and whatever he has in store for me 

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