The awesomest Christmas gift

I know you are all sitting at the end of your seats barely able to contain yourselves…

…because the biggest question of the year…

….what did george give me for Christmas? 
He fucking aced it. Sorry for swearing but he did. I LOVED Matilda when I was a kid. And we all know my never ending relationship with musicals. 
So what better in the world than your favourite book made into a musical? 
Maybe a boyfriend who takes you to that musical even if he hates it. That is love.
It was amazing even if we were sat in a sea of kids. Who cares when you are in musical heaven. Plus he got me a saffron bun.
Ok, end all of this sappy love stuff. 
After the musical we met up with Dan, Elliot and Liam at the Vault. 
I should know by now, don’t drink shots with 4 bartenders. You can’t win that one even if you think you are a Swedish Viking. Fact.
This morning struggling. Good for me things are slowing down due to Christmas so can get away with chillin at work today.
Ending this with a speculation about my skin colour. This is taken at the same time and in the same place. And I’m blue? Or as Dan said ‘I would use you for colour correcting in photo shop’. I hear you, I’m wrong. 

1 thought on “The awesomest Christmas gift

  1. Seeing a musical is quite magical. Seeing a musical is such a joyful and exciting experience. It is the most magical when you are watching a musical you are loving. There are many aspects that come into loving a musical: the songs, the characters, and the plot, but actors play a role as well


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