The big ass move

These last couple of days have been moving hell. Or, it’s actually not been that bad. Maybe moving purgatory. A pretty dark place. 

Either way, we are almost done. I handed over the keys to the old flat and the new one looks like a war zone. To be expected. 
We blew off 4 confetti canons for a proper send off at my office Christmas party. If you are paying for professional clean make them work for it. 
We got access to our new flat and I decided to move the most important bits over. Plants and candles. 
Checked out our new neighbors and realised they have a thing for gnomes. Like seriously. So we now call them…the gnomes. 
Dom and Harry helped moving and we treated them to Turkish as a thank you because awesome. 
Woolly was freaked out about all the moving going on but I made him sit on the sofa with me and what more like home than that? 
We unpacked and unpacked and unpacked and George ripped an old shirt in his hulkness. 
This morning all was back to normal (minus the 500 boxes in our flat) and W and me took a walk in a freezing ravenscourt. 
Only 3 more days before Xmas. I’m stuck at home getting the flat sorted before leaving. Exciting times. 

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