It’s progress

Seriously guys, it’s 4 days to Christmas!! That’s just all kinds of amazing. George left this morning on his way to swedeland and I have 3 more days to pretend to care about work. Who sets up meetings the week before Xmas? 

Anyway, was at home yesterday fixing our flat 
I built an improvised wardrobe in the office. At least I got rid of like half the boxes. Good work me. 
George was out at Found so I missed him and lit my lamp I got for Christmas.
It’s an amazing homemade, one of a kind, wooden lamp with a coconut shell made with a cool pattern. Love it. And love my man for getting me amazing gifts. 
Oh, and the sofa came as well. We almost didn’t get it in the flat but persevered. Currently hidden under mounds of shit but it looks great. 
Thank you mum and dad for the best Xmas gift. You can use it when you visit. 
Right now we have a fire alarm at work so I’m out here in the rain chillin. Life! 

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