The happiest goodbye

It is fucking D-day!! Back to Sweden day. Last day before the holidays. 

Work is hard. Sita in my team didn’t want to put a picture of an ad from tinder in our competitors channel. So she made Martin and he said a ‘friend’ showed him. The emojis at the end spell Sita 
Work. It’s hard going today. 
I have also arts and crafted George’s Xmas gift. I know he doesn’t read my blog but I don’t dare to put it up anyway. You’ll see my master piece after Christmas. 
Flat looking nice before I leave. I am definitely tooting my own horn but I’m a hero for getting the place in order and sorting all the stuff after george left. 
Saying goodbye to mini man. Will miss this little hero when I’m gone.
But that doesn’t stop me from LOVING the fact that it’s only 3h left until I leave the office. 

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