Back on track

I have so much to show and tell about Christmas and NYE. So I don’t. I avoid posting anything because it’s too much.

So I’ll give you a little update on life instead and deal with the rest next week. 
We came home to our flat. It’s been awesome being away but thank god to just being us again. 
Got Woolly back. He was super happy. Then a bit angry with me. But we got over it with some swede treats.
George cooked lentil soup and I ate it on my new sofa tray/pillow. This is all kinds of amazing.
I got us scooter tickets 
And a new dress on the sale. 
But, that’s all folks. Rest of the money this month is going to Ikea. Heading there tomorrow. Tonight bone daddies with Lollo. Having a dry January so will be early to bed. 
Happy new year all. 

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