Soon off

Only 8 more days until we are leaving for NYC!! I’m beyond excited. I have a feeling this will be an epic trip.

Because we got the tickets to Colbert. The whole reason for taking George. I started planning this trip in August and finally all is done.

Not only that, Gina is a sweetheart and is taking us to a show. Between her and George they made my day finding a show about the hufflepuffs called the Puffs. It looks amazing! Whats not to love about a show about the non heroes of Harry Potter?

And we are doing a disco brunch. On our anniversary. Last year we had pizza in bed, this year we are doing a drag show disco brunch. Yes, it is going to be so awesome.

Yesterday got a package from Sydney. Kat sending us stylish t-shirts and W a set of squeaky Xmas toys. Winning the friend game. Feel like me and Zoolander will ace NYC together.

And tonight Hamilton. Cissi vs January 1-0

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