Hamilton you roller coaster of emotions

Went to see Hamilton yesterday. I got us tickets a year ago. It sold out in hours. I totally see why.

It’s a crazy, amazing, mind blowing musical experience like nothing else. I don’t know how they make 18th century politics so riveting but I was on the edge of my chair for the whole thing. And I cried.

George and me very excited at the theatre not really knowing what to expect but hyped up by the queue outside.

The stage. I loved that is what such an understated stage decor making the acts and singing shine even more.

Stole this from lucies insta story. I think that’s how all of us felt. Everyone left the theatre in a daze. If you ever get the chance to see Hamilton take it, even a non musical fan like George loved it.

Or as time out says it…

Cane home and took W for a walk. There is a fox we keep meeting on the road. W barks, the fix stares. I think they hate each other. Like a reverse Micke and Molle.

Woke up at 5 this morning feeling sick as a dog so today is working from bed day. Damn you dry January, I think I need the booze.

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