New bling

4 years since we picked this little hero up from Battersea. Look at his freaked out eyes. Not easy being just a teenager having been abandoned by your family, gone through surgery and living in a kennel. He stayed in the nook of my legs for 3 days after we got him. Scared that it would all go away.

Im happy to say he is our little happy monster now. Loved by two families and spoiled rotten. He deserves it being the best doggo in the world.

Woke up in the middle of the night yesterday feeling nauseated. Not sure what was going but my stomach was in agony all day. So i stayed in bed and opened the doors to our garden.

And enjoyed the TV out landlord has set up in the bedroom. Not a big fan of TV but not unhappy to watch it laying down eating greek yoghurt. Being sick in style.

Suddenly George came in bearing gifts. He made me a new weforj ring. I love that its so simple. Suits my other rings and I can wear it pretty much all the time. Thanks babe, still loving having a private jeweller.

Taking selfies of the ring. I sure aint no model.Just havent got the hang of this making yourself pretty for social media. Lets go for a robe look instead.

This was me ALL day. I did leave the house to buy provisions since George had to jump in last minute working at found since our friend Leanne had to go to the hospital with broken ribs. She is allright.

Tonight dinner with Katta chillin for my last weekend before NYC.

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