Slow January days

W and me are chillin on the sofa right now. Yes it’s Saturday during the longest month of the year. I swear January have been going on for at least 3 months.

But spring is happening out there. Not only am I gardening like a crazy person with no idea what I’m doing Mother Earth is doing the same. Except she is clued in on how it works. Looking pretty.

Last night I took mini man for dinner at Katta’s. Delicious as always. Love having friends who knows how to make restaurant standard food while I just sit and enjoy.

Especially the dessert. Vanilla ice cream mixed with raw ginger, citrus salad with mint and pomegranate and candied nuts. Hell yeah.

W was mega silly being afraid of the balloon at Katta’s so I had to sit with him on the sofa. Seriously. He is the biggest wimp ever.

Tonight dinner at Lollo’s (love going from place to place) and tomorrow baby shower for Jean and Natalia. Then NYC next week. Can’t wait for a break from work. And life.

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