Another riveting night in my life

If I was a pro blogger I would bless your feed with perfectly staged pictures and posts about all the high fashion clothes I’m wearing or the cool places I’m visiting.

I’m not. So this place have way too many pictures of me sitting on a sofa. I know that. But that’s who I am. And what this space is. Little letters to family and friends.

Yesterday I was once again treated to dinner. Lollo made veal and apple stew. It was delicious and she definitely can’t play the ‘I can’t cook’ card any longer. Because she can. Even if she did forget the stock.

Katta and lily were also invited to this food fest and we had a full on girls night. All the boy chat. 3 gorgeous single girls do that. I mostly acted as the wise old man telling stories about how to catch a man (HA!! We all know it’s pure ‘stumble upon your soulmate at a SW party’ luck).

After a night of dissecting odd man behaviour (why are men so weird) I headed home to my men. They weren’t particularly odd, just snoozy mc snoozy on the sofa.

Right now I’m having brekkie trying to face time my dad. Pick up dad!!

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