Catch the sunshine

Stu arrived in London this morning. He’ll be staying with George and me for a while. Plus he’ll cover for Natalia when she is on maternity. Yes, ill be seeing him pretty much 24/7. George is out playing basket so we’ll have dinner together. Switching one man up for the other 🙂

Yesterday the sun peaked out for a while in London and we took W for a long river walk.

Looking expectantly at George hoping he’ll throw a stick. Little do he know that when George reads there is no love.

Me squealing ‘its sunny lets take a photo’

And George letting me know that im facing the wrong way to actually catch the sun. So we turned and this is the proof of the very bleak london january sun.

A bit of artsy photography to lighten your Monday morning mood. Im listening to Disney songs but i know thats not everyones cup of tea.

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