Growing pains

Two more days…

I know, i know, its not as ecxiting for anyone else but i NEED this in this bleak and dreary january. I feel like im moving through some sludgy mud right now. Brown, cold, smelly mud.

At least its was pretty out this morning. All frosty (RIP garden) and sunny.

Ravenscourt is mostly a mud bath during the winter but showed off its prettiest side this morning.

Catching the sunrise. Because im that kind of person. Since its only 2 weeks until im 36 i realised yesterday that im definitely not young any longer. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I dont mind but it kind of hit me. Like ‘wooaa, i should be all grown up and shit’. Not sure what todo with that other than celebrate my last two weeks of 35 with gin and tonics.

Woolly posing in the sunlight. He is pretty my hound (dont care about the haters that think he is ugly but cute. He is magnificent)

Stu and me chilled at home last night. Makes me feel very ungrown up having an Aussie living in my spare room. And i love it.

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