Being George

Since my life is not super exciting at the moment I have borrowed a day out of George life to entertain you with.

‘Waking up. Body is in agony. Thats what i get for playing two games of ball last night. But i scored a third of all the goals. A third. I rule! And i got to hang with ma boys. Love Jay, he is awesome.

Turning over and hugging the sexy swede next to me. The snoring, open mouthed sexy swede. Oh well, you cant win them all. At least she is soft in all the right places. And warm. Then she leaves to walk the dog and i gloriously fall straight back to sleep. George vs tuesday morning 1-0

Day is good. I feel good. Or, my body is in pain but i feel hawt. Hair on point. Rings on point. Me on point. I walk around London and i just love this city. Pop into a couple of bars. Have some drinks. Chat to some people. Being George.

End up at Home with the crew. Stu is back in town and Harry and Mike come and join us.The boys are back together. We drink old fashioned and no more pain. Im buzzing on life and friends and being alive. Fuck, i love my friends.

Cissi sends a picture. Naaaaw. They are so cute. Even the little fart machine. Cant wait to snuggle. But first, more drinks with my boys. I am having way too much fun to go home just yet.

On the tube home i realise im hammered. Send a ‘im sorry im drunk’ text to CC but smiling to myself. Ive had the best night and i know she is not really upset about.

Next morning. Wake up. Head pounds. Shit, i promised i would walk the little monster today. At least i brought Stu into this mess with me. Nice to get out though. Its cold, muddy and brown but pretty nice. So I decide to take an arty picture. Of some flowers in the mud. Life right now.

After having let the cleaner in I head out and walk into a flooding. Looks cool but WTF. So far today vs George is a solid 0-2.

But the only way is up!

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