Beast from the East

Ok guys, seriously, i am SO excited for all the snow. I didnt get any this Christmas and im enjoying myself so much. I kind of want to play Christmas music again but im refraining. Be strong.

Yesterday went for dinner at Havelock with the CS team over from France. Bangers and mash in my heart forever. If i ever leave London this is one of the places Ill seriously miss. Food and cider at the Havelock in my heart forever.

In the afternoon it started snowing.

And because snow and me being an awesome boss (high five me) we decided to go out and have a snowball fight. You have to enjoy the snow when it finally happens.

Team snowfie. This is the first time Stu seen snow like this and have a snowball fight. I taught him the hard way that there is not rules and you can totally throw snow at someone from close up. In fact, thats applauded.

It kept snowing. Look at that, its a proper layer of snow and not just a dusting.

My colleagues laughed at me for being so well wrapped up. Then they didnt. Ive got the snow skills man.

Woke up to this. I mean look at that. Its a snow paradise. For real.

Of course London grinds to a halt and most of the team didnt make it in to the office.

But me having a 5 min walk to work braved the weather and headed out into a quiet London filled with people playing in the snow and falling down not able to handle the slippery streets.

Thank you Beast from the East for giving us this winter paradise.

Leaving the city

Happy birthday Mario on your day. Last year we celebrated you in Sydney but this year it will have to be a virtual hug from London. Sending all our love and hope you celebrate in style.

A very happy birthday boy last year in his Barcelona jersey (also, the fact that we sat outside. Its -4 here today)

Last night was a sofa night. I cleared the flat, lit my candles and snuggled in. When its snowing and minus outside its a must. The flowers are still going strong. The ones from mum and dad died but i rescued the little bouquet of pimpernell.

This is an awesome photo of Stu feeding Woolly chicken on the sofa. And i wonder why my dog is not always the perfection of manners.

Walked the little mini man in Ravenscourt this morning. Cold. All the abandoned parrots had a gathering on one of the trees.

There are loads of them in London having run away from their owners taking over the parks. Must say i like the little spot of green in grey winter London.

Katta sent over some more photos from Sunday. She has decided to join us for a night over Easter for our little get away. Its only 25 with train from London to easy to do. Its just so nice getting out of the city from time to time. And having a katta join us is perfect so we dont tire of eachothers faces.

I love Petersham. The little old lady in me that wants nothing more in life than a beautiful garden thinks this is her spirit home. Plus sun. Life can not go wrong with sun.

George was not particularly impressed with the whole walking for hours thing so i tried to make him happier with kisses. No luck.

How can you not be happy at this lovely haven away from the city?

Having my prioritise straight. Photographing the deer while holding a crazy barking Woolly. Multi tasking pro.

The big outdoors

Ive booked our Easter away. I found a lovely riverside hotel only 25 min from London with train and W can join. Great price as well. So all perfect for us (thank you Gina so much for your suggestions, this ends up being a bit cheaper and easier to manage than leaving the country :))

This is our lovely hotel. Im sure we will take long river walks and chill by the fire in that place.

This weekend was perfect. Party on Friday and long walk in Richmond on Sunday. Even got George to join, been trying for that for the last 18 months. He wasnt too convinced about all that walking but he liked the food.

On Friday it was Sitas bday. Shes been telling us about it for months so we all got ready with eating a proper pre dinner and having a beer at work.

Then we headed to Hoxton pony. Sita, inspired by yours truly, decided to go all out on the glowsticks. Marty is going all in full moon party on this one. Brit on holiday.

We had 4 drinks before 8.30 vouchers and you know you cant say no to half price drinks. So we drank them all.

I got creative with the glowsticks. I wonder if i can put that on my CV. Exceptionally good at any kind of party DIY and drinking.

After a couple of hours at the pony the music drove me away. Just cant deal with shit hiphop. So we headed to Found instead and i blinged Josh up. And had to say sorry for all the confetti left over at Found since Saturday.

Took toilet selfies because every evening worth its salt need toilet selfies.

George gave me the drink he named after me. A stockholm syndrome. With napue and lingonberry juice. Just like me and the kidnappers where the drink got its name from it grows on you. Mmmmkay.

More party pictures. Coolest kids on the block. We left when Found closed and headed home to eat some night food. I treated Stu and Bianca to a tunnbrodrulle. Or tunn brulee as its now called. Delicious either way.

Saturday was snoozy. The boys slept and i read. I was supposed to go to Bens bday bowling but just couldnt. My body refused more drinking or even leaving the sofa.

Seriously. How can not everyone fall headlessly in love with these two? I know i am.

Because George is a hero he made me food while i sat on the sofa. Bulgard Badass Bolognese. Its a weekend treat. Katta came over for some food and hang out as well.

And if it wasnt enough with dinner he woke me with breakfast in bed on Sunday. Not sure what ive done to deserve this man but whatever it is ill keep doing it.

Hell to the yes. This is what weekend mornings should be like. Sexy man and brekkie in bed.

Then we left the house to get out into a freezingly beautiful London. All the way to Richmond Park. District line was down so it took us twice as long. But i was determined now that i got George out of the house for a day of walking.

Eventually we got to the park. Woolly barked at the deers and almost gave me a heart attack running after a horse risking either the rider getting thrown or he kicked in the head. Dont do that your mumma.

But other than that we just enjoyed the amazing weather.

After a couple of hours walking we headed to Petersham for lunch.

Love Petersham. I had a squash tagine and this cheescake meets carrotcake. I might have justt died and gone to food heaven.

Coming home after 5h outside we were all tired. We watched Lady Bird on the sofa. What a lovely movie. About the tricky relationship between a mother and a daughter. Could relate and it made me a bit pensive and sad.

This morning woke up to a winter wonderland in our garden.

It didnt last long but it was very pretty and lovely while laying in bed and enjoying all the snow.

So i wrapped up warm and headed out to start the week. Must admit not even monday can get me down after such a great weekend.

Devils Darling

Friday. This is very unlike me but im actually dreading having to socialise two night in a row this weekend. I have my colleague Sitas bday party tonight and tomorrow it Bens bday bowling. I was planning on playing the doggo get out of jail card for tomorrow but George, being all awesome and shit, are staying home with W so that i can go and celebrate Ben.

Thanks. I guess. And i know what you are thinking ‘just take it easy and go home early’. I try. But then my friends guilt me in to staying longer because its their bdays and stuff and boom, it 4 in the morning.

Anyways, yesterday we had beer and pizza night at work. The lads drank guiness and matched. What a team we have!

Sita turned the big 30 this week so we gave her bday gifts. A facial at Cowshed. But also the excellent book ‘Relationships – how to catch a man’ with tips like ‘appearance matter’, ‘never put out on the first date’ and ‘look him in the eyes’. She will find a man in no time with these excellent tips from a middle aged white guy.

The boys drank more Guiness. Marty had 5 in 2h. Good effort.

After enough beer and pizza we headed to Devils Darling where George did a take over with Kyro. What a hot piece of ass I have.

Drank a Perfect Lady and talked work with my colleague Bianca. There is some serious shit going down at work and it has me a bit worried. Problem is that i dont have any answers so I cant really action on it. Instead I drink cocktails and try and not think about it.

Well, with cocktails like this its not hard to do.

When George brought out the shots I decided it was time to head home.

Thank you guys but you keep on drinking. I need to get home to my sweet, sweet bed.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Flower power

Yes, this is another photo of our flat. Look at how flowery it is. Orchid from Georges family, smelly candle from George in NYC, tulips from Saturday. Our living room is literally filled with love. Needed in these cold times. Im so done with you February.

I want to book a trip somewhere this spring. Get some warmth. Chill out. Not sure where though. George and i might go away over Easter but im also saving money so need to be something cheap and cheerful. Hit me with your best tips (and no, Sydney is too far away and Sweden will be freezing).

Until then ill look at all the flowers in our flat pretending im somewhere sunny and warm.

Back on the sofa

Its been a long uphill battle from this weekend. Thank god for February and the excuse to lay on the sofa doing nothing without judging yourself.

That is what we did last night. Ordered turkish and watched Three Billboards. Amazing, weird, surprising movie. I loved it. And also kind of didnt know what to think half of the time. I loved In Bruges but this one is better. And the acting. Too much good.

Anyway, watch it. I promise its worth it. Heres a pretty accurate review. Captures my feeling of ‘what the fuck is going on’ at the same time thinking ‘ah damn, i love it whatever this is’.

Other awesome things is my bday cake from Friday when Lollo, Katta, Madde and me had dinner at Shoreditch House.

All kinds of yes to this cake. The manager even came out and told me this was the best cake he had seen. Because my friends are awesome and know me.

Tonight its going to be more of this. We have pizza and beer night at work tomorrow and then two more bdays this weekend. Will see how i go, cant do two big ones and have Woolly on Saturday. He is my livers best friend. Im 36 now, cant get away with this stuff any longer.

The big glowstick party

Im very glad i dont have my birthday more than once a year. Thats about how long it takes to recover from all of this fun. And crazy. I still have glitter stuck on various places on my body.

After waking up hungover on Saturday (yes, the dinner plus Found experience on Friday left me feeling a bit weak around the edges) i almost overslept getting to our celebrations on time.

But a shower and some glowsticks always get me going and only 30 min late we showed up for some birthday and engagement celebrations.

I made everyone wear glowsticks. I feel like thats part of any Cissi celebration, wouldnt be right otherwise. And it seems my friends are all onboard. High five to awesome people.

Hanging with my crew. Miss these guys, the biggest problem with living in west london is that we are so far from each other.

We drank loads of jagerbombs, glittered ourselves up and danced. My perfect party. Around 7 we headed to Home for more party. They let me play the cheese list. NOT sad about that.

Me and my perfect partner in crime. He even glittered his beard for me. And made sure i had the best night ever. And we are getting married. Couldnt be happier.or love him more. And realise how sappy i am.

Maria showed up with a home made card. With glitter. Because of course.

And yes, we closed Home and headed down to Found. Not that we needed any more of anything at this time but when you are having that much fun there is no stopping.

Around 4, and after one other nightclub (yes, we partied for 14h), we came home and i made myself pasta. On the floor. Classy like that. Totally acting my age.

Sunday was a day of pain. I was in bed all day staring at this balloon filled with confetti loving my man and all my friends but also hating my body for all that pain.

But i survived and yesterday we were all mondaying at home on the sofa after getting ourselves through work.

Yes, we were all in the same space. Dead.

Dont grow up, its a trap

I survived my epic hungover yesterday and feeling better today. Good thing im out for more drinking tonight. Meeting Katta, Lollo and Madde for dinner and drinks. Need a girls night.

Last night went to see Black Panther. Love Marvel movies. Waiting for the crew to show up lit candles and enjoyed my flowers. Then we had pizza. Before having popcorn and the cinema. Bday week ftw!

Walked Woolly this morning. It was freezing. Missing spring now.

My hound in the sunlight. He is a proper little furry bum.

Its Natalias last day today and Udays sister made her a cake. A baby vodka cake. Love it. I want one of me hugging a gin bottle. That is probably what i will be doing this weekend. All covered in glowsticks.

Happy birthday me!

Cissi day continued. After being celebrated by the team at work and leaving to the tunes of Scooter i came home to meet up with George before dinner.

Mum and dad had sent a bouquet of lovely flowers waiting for me at home. Especially fond of the little Valentine diamond in there.

Then George came home with not only one, or two, but three cards. And i agree, we need more gin and who the fuck wants quinoa when there is cake to be had?

But it was the middle card that would prove mostly true for our night…

On the train on our way to Stillwater for drinks and GUMBO!!


Dan making us picklebaks with Bretts home made pickle juice. All kinds of delicious.

A grasshopper milk punch in the most epic grasshopper vessel i have ever seen.I have no words.

And then…


Sorry George but i might have to marry Brett. It was even better this time.

Grasshopper shots. When the milk punch isnt enough.

And a birthday peach cobbler made by the boozy peaches from their rum. OMG! (yes, its is a valid exclamation after that food). It was maybe the best, and booziest, dessert ive ever had. And true to the promise it got me smashed.

Ehrm yeah. Really smashed.To my birthday having loads of alcohol and bad decisions.

Crew! We scared away all the other couples and hung with Dan, Marshall and Brett.

All the love. Perfect for Valentines.

Then i woke up in bed not enough hours later with a pounding headache and the terrible realisation its only thursday and i have to go to work. Which i did because im a trooper but feeling like instant death.

Made better by the delivery of our confetti balloons. Totally looking like something else.


Happy birthday me!

Yes, today is my day and im going all out on that. Becasue i can and im happy and life is pretty damn good. Love getting older, it suits me. Moody, angsty teenager followed by depressed party queen have now turned into fairly content dog owner and gardener (ok, that made me seem REALLY old).

I just have a good balance at the moment (not helping my case here).

Yesterday met Elin for dinner. We talked life. Havent seen her in ages so lovely to have a catch up. After dinner George came and met us for a cheeky drink at Brewdog. And a pickleback. Because tasty.

Him and Elin high fived on loving Fast and Furious and Die Hard. Ok kids, you got that shit all to yourself.

Came home to snuggles. Love George’s superman lock. And W is not suffering, promise.

Freezing cold so dressing up in my fur. Ready to turn 36. The cleaner came this morning so there wasnt much time for celebrations. Good thing im getting gumbo tonight.


Elin gave me these lovely earrings. I have the necklace and have always loved it so this made me very happy. And feeling HAWT for my bday.

Happy Valentines everyone.

When i came into work my amazing team had got me a bday gift from France. My own, BIG, teacup. And tea from my favourite tea shop as well as macaroons. Yes, i agree, they are all kinds of awesome. I especially love the thought of Stevie and Marty sniffing around trying to find me the perfect tea. They aced it.

This is what a cupe of tea should look like! And yes, i have pretty much eaten all my macaroons for breakfast.