When is the big day?

A week since we got engaged. You know, if anyone forgot after this week of me talking about nothing else…

Well, it took about 5 days for people to start asking when we are getting married. I dont know. Im NOT one of those girls that have had my wedding planned since i was 5. I didnt even want to get married.

But here we are, all stupidly in love and shit, and we need to figure out what we want and i love spreadsheets so yes, i have already started. Lets just say George is slightly less interested in planning shit than me. So far we havent managed to discuss anything since its impossible to break through the Zelda trance he is in.

But dont worry my friends, my spreadsheet is on fire in the background. Since people are coming from far away this shit needs some planning. Im on it, like the organisation ninja that i am.

Coming into work yesterday there was cake pops waiting for me. My colleague Udays sister is a pastry chef and sometimes we get these dreamy deliveries. I devoured those in like 2 minutes. Sugar rush.

This is the sad face of my fiancee (hehe) when he realised Ocado fucked up and missed our delivery so that all the frozen stuff was ruined and we got no tunnbrod. Thats a true tradegy.

Tired, cold and happy. Standard these days. Here comes something im almost ashamed of admiting but after two years im even more in love with my man and happy with my little family. Me 5 years ago, constantly depressed and dreaming of better days, couldnt believe this day would ever come.

Dinner and TV at home. George brought turkish for all the recovering heroes and we started watching altered carbon with Stu. Interesting but one if those i find a bit hard to follow in the beginning.

Tonight Lollo is coming over and we’ll indulge. She’s been making these awesome dinners when ive come over. Ill make tacos 🙂 . Cant be all fancy all the times (like never, can i have a taco truck at my wedding?) and i have everything at home.

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