Making party happen!

We are doing a little mini celebration on Saturday. I wasnt going to do anything for my bday this year since we want to do a bigger moving in/bday thing in our new flat in April when the suns out (guns out) but then we got engaged and all that so now we kind of have to do something.

So we are getting the London crew together for a boozy and chilled hang out on Saturday. Must admit that after my weekend mostly at home im very up for hugging it out with the crew. So the ‘have to do something’ might be more along the lines of ‘yes, please, let me have a fun night out. Ill take any excuse’.

And because people in my life are all kinds of awesome all of a sudden i got this massive box delivered to work.

I started by spilling dirt all over the floor #sorrynotsorry

And then unpacked this wonderful orchid from Georges equally wonderful family. Thank you so much Gina and the boys. This is absolutely gorgeous.

Love my Australian family. Having family all over the world my heart is equally torn as filled up with love. In every time zone 🙂 .

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