Happy birthday me!

Yes, today is my day and im going all out on that. Becasue i can and im happy and life is pretty damn good. Love getting older, it suits me. Moody, angsty teenager followed by depressed party queen have now turned into fairly content dog owner and gardener (ok, that made me seem REALLY old).

I just have a good balance at the moment (not helping my case here).

Yesterday met Elin for dinner. We talked life. Havent seen her in ages so lovely to have a catch up. After dinner George came and met us for a cheeky drink at Brewdog. And a pickleback. Because tasty.

Him and Elin high fived on loving Fast and Furious and Die Hard. Ok kids, you got that shit all to yourself.

Came home to snuggles. Love George’s superman lock. And W is not suffering, promise.

Freezing cold so dressing up in my fur. Ready to turn 36. The cleaner came this morning so there wasnt much time for celebrations. Good thing im getting gumbo tonight.


Elin gave me these lovely earrings. I have the necklace and have always loved it so this made me very happy. And feeling HAWT for my bday.

Happy Valentines everyone.

When i came into work my amazing team had got me a bday gift from France. My own, BIG, teacup. And tea from my favourite tea shop as well as macaroons. Yes, i agree, they are all kinds of awesome. I especially love the thought of Stevie and Marty sniffing around trying to find me the perfect tea. They aced it.

This is what a cupe of tea should look like! And yes, i have pretty much eaten all my macaroons for breakfast.

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