Happy birthday me!

Cissi day continued. After being celebrated by the team at work and leaving to the tunes of Scooter i came home to meet up with George before dinner.

Mum and dad had sent a bouquet of lovely flowers waiting for me at home. Especially fond of the little Valentine diamond in there.

Then George came home with not only one, or two, but three cards. And i agree, we need more gin and who the fuck wants quinoa when there is cake to be had?

But it was the middle card that would prove mostly true for our night…

On the train on our way to Stillwater for drinks and GUMBO!!


Dan making us picklebaks with Bretts home made pickle juice. All kinds of delicious.

A grasshopper milk punch in the most epic grasshopper vessel i have ever seen.I have no words.

And then…


Sorry George but i might have to marry Brett. It was even better this time.

Grasshopper shots. When the milk punch isnt enough.

And a birthday peach cobbler made by the boozy peaches from their rum. OMG! (yes, its is a valid exclamation after that food). It was maybe the best, and booziest, dessert ive ever had. And true to the promise it got me smashed.

Ehrm yeah. Really smashed.To my birthday having loads of alcohol and bad decisions.

Crew! We scared away all the other couples and hung with Dan, Marshall and Brett.

All the love. Perfect for Valentines.

Then i woke up in bed not enough hours later with a pounding headache and the terrible realisation its only thursday and i have to go to work. Which i did because im a trooper but feeling like instant death.

Made better by the delivery of our confetti balloons. Totally looking like something else.

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