Dont grow up, its a trap

I survived my epic hungover yesterday and feeling better today. Good thing im out for more drinking tonight. Meeting Katta, Lollo and Madde for dinner and drinks. Need a girls night.

Last night went to see Black Panther. Love Marvel movies. Waiting for the crew to show up lit candles and enjoyed my flowers. Then we had pizza. Before having popcorn and the cinema. Bday week ftw!

Walked Woolly this morning. It was freezing. Missing spring now.

My hound in the sunlight. He is a proper little furry bum.

Its Natalias last day today and Udays sister made her a cake. A baby vodka cake. Love it. I want one of me hugging a gin bottle. That is probably what i will be doing this weekend. All covered in glowsticks.

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