The big glowstick party

Im very glad i dont have my birthday more than once a year. Thats about how long it takes to recover from all of this fun. And crazy. I still have glitter stuck on various places on my body.

After waking up hungover on Saturday (yes, the dinner plus Found experience on Friday left me feeling a bit weak around the edges) i almost overslept getting to our celebrations on time.

But a shower and some glowsticks always get me going and only 30 min late we showed up for some birthday and engagement celebrations.

I made everyone wear glowsticks. I feel like thats part of any Cissi celebration, wouldnt be right otherwise. And it seems my friends are all onboard. High five to awesome people.

Hanging with my crew. Miss these guys, the biggest problem with living in west london is that we are so far from each other.

We drank loads of jagerbombs, glittered ourselves up and danced. My perfect party. Around 7 we headed to Home for more party. They let me play the cheese list. NOT sad about that.

Me and my perfect partner in crime. He even glittered his beard for me. And made sure i had the best night ever. And we are getting married. Couldnt be happier.or love him more. And realise how sappy i am.

Maria showed up with a home made card. With glitter. Because of course.

And yes, we closed Home and headed down to Found. Not that we needed any more of anything at this time but when you are having that much fun there is no stopping.

Around 4, and after one other nightclub (yes, we partied for 14h), we came home and i made myself pasta. On the floor. Classy like that. Totally acting my age.

Sunday was a day of pain. I was in bed all day staring at this balloon filled with confetti loving my man and all my friends but also hating my body for all that pain.

But i survived and yesterday we were all mondaying at home on the sofa after getting ourselves through work.

Yes, we were all in the same space. Dead.

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