Back on the sofa

Its been a long uphill battle from this weekend. Thank god for February and the excuse to lay on the sofa doing nothing without judging yourself.

That is what we did last night. Ordered turkish and watched Three Billboards. Amazing, weird, surprising movie. I loved it. And also kind of didnt know what to think half of the time. I loved In Bruges but this one is better. And the acting. Too much good.

Anyway, watch it. I promise its worth it. Heres a pretty accurate review. Captures my feeling of ‘what the fuck is going on’ at the same time thinking ‘ah damn, i love it whatever this is’.

Other awesome things is my bday cake from Friday when Lollo, Katta, Madde and me had dinner at Shoreditch House.

All kinds of yes to this cake. The manager even came out and told me this was the best cake he had seen. Because my friends are awesome and know me.

Tonight its going to be more of this. We have pizza and beer night at work tomorrow and then two more bdays this weekend. Will see how i go, cant do two big ones and have Woolly on Saturday. He is my livers best friend. Im 36 now, cant get away with this stuff any longer.

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