Devils Darling

Friday. This is very unlike me but im actually dreading having to socialise two night in a row this weekend. I have my colleague Sitas bday party tonight and tomorrow it Bens bday bowling. I was planning on playing the doggo get out of jail card for tomorrow but George, being all awesome and shit, are staying home with W so that i can go and celebrate Ben.

Thanks. I guess. And i know what you are thinking ‘just take it easy and go home early’. I try. But then my friends guilt me in to staying longer because its their bdays and stuff and boom, it 4 in the morning.

Anyways, yesterday we had beer and pizza night at work. The lads drank guiness and matched. What a team we have!

Sita turned the big 30 this week so we gave her bday gifts. A facial at Cowshed. But also the excellent book ‘Relationships – how to catch a man’ with tips like ‘appearance matter’, ‘never put out on the first date’ and ‘look him in the eyes’. She will find a man in no time with these excellent tips from a middle aged white guy.

The boys drank more Guiness. Marty had 5 in 2h. Good effort.

After enough beer and pizza we headed to Devils Darling where George did a take over with Kyro. What a hot piece of ass I have.

Drank a Perfect Lady and talked work with my colleague Bianca. There is some serious shit going down at work and it has me a bit worried. Problem is that i dont have any answers so I cant really action on it. Instead I drink cocktails and try and not think about it.

Well, with cocktails like this its not hard to do.

When George brought out the shots I decided it was time to head home.

Thank you guys but you keep on drinking. I need to get home to my sweet, sweet bed.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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