The big outdoors

Ive booked our Easter away. I found a lovely riverside hotel only 25 min from London with train and W can join. Great price as well. So all perfect for us (thank you Gina so much for your suggestions, this ends up being a bit cheaper and easier to manage than leaving the country :))

This is our lovely hotel. Im sure we will take long river walks and chill by the fire in that place.

This weekend was perfect. Party on Friday and long walk in Richmond on Sunday. Even got George to join, been trying for that for the last 18 months. He wasnt too convinced about all that walking but he liked the food.

On Friday it was Sitas bday. Shes been telling us about it for months so we all got ready with eating a proper pre dinner and having a beer at work.

Then we headed to Hoxton pony. Sita, inspired by yours truly, decided to go all out on the glowsticks. Marty is going all in full moon party on this one. Brit on holiday.

We had 4 drinks before 8.30 vouchers and you know you cant say no to half price drinks. So we drank them all.

I got creative with the glowsticks. I wonder if i can put that on my CV. Exceptionally good at any kind of party DIY and drinking.

After a couple of hours at the pony the music drove me away. Just cant deal with shit hiphop. So we headed to Found instead and i blinged Josh up. And had to say sorry for all the confetti left over at Found since Saturday.

Took toilet selfies because every evening worth its salt need toilet selfies.

George gave me the drink he named after me. A stockholm syndrome. With napue and lingonberry juice. Just like me and the kidnappers where the drink got its name from it grows on you. Mmmmkay.

More party pictures. Coolest kids on the block. We left when Found closed and headed home to eat some night food. I treated Stu and Bianca to a tunnbrodrulle. Or tunn brulee as its now called. Delicious either way.

Saturday was snoozy. The boys slept and i read. I was supposed to go to Bens bday bowling but just couldnt. My body refused more drinking or even leaving the sofa.

Seriously. How can not everyone fall headlessly in love with these two? I know i am.

Because George is a hero he made me food while i sat on the sofa. Bulgard Badass Bolognese. Its a weekend treat. Katta came over for some food and hang out as well.

And if it wasnt enough with dinner he woke me with breakfast in bed on Sunday. Not sure what ive done to deserve this man but whatever it is ill keep doing it.

Hell to the yes. This is what weekend mornings should be like. Sexy man and brekkie in bed.

Then we left the house to get out into a freezingly beautiful London. All the way to Richmond Park. District line was down so it took us twice as long. But i was determined now that i got George out of the house for a day of walking.

Eventually we got to the park. Woolly barked at the deers and almost gave me a heart attack running after a horse risking either the rider getting thrown or he kicked in the head. Dont do that your mumma.

But other than that we just enjoyed the amazing weather.

After a couple of hours walking we headed to Petersham for lunch.

Love Petersham. I had a squash tagine and this cheescake meets carrotcake. I might have justt died and gone to food heaven.

Coming home after 5h outside we were all tired. We watched Lady Bird on the sofa. What a lovely movie. About the tricky relationship between a mother and a daughter. Could relate and it made me a bit pensive and sad.

This morning woke up to a winter wonderland in our garden.

It didnt last long but it was very pretty and lovely while laying in bed and enjoying all the snow.

So i wrapped up warm and headed out to start the week. Must admit not even monday can get me down after such a great weekend.

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