Leaving the city

Happy birthday Mario on your day. Last year we celebrated you in Sydney but this year it will have to be a virtual hug from London. Sending all our love and hope you celebrate in style.

A very happy birthday boy last year in his Barcelona jersey (also, the fact that we sat outside. Its -4 here today)

Last night was a sofa night. I cleared the flat, lit my candles and snuggled in. When its snowing and minus outside its a must. The flowers are still going strong. The ones from mum and dad died but i rescued the little bouquet of pimpernell.

This is an awesome photo of Stu feeding Woolly chicken on the sofa. And i wonder why my dog is not always the perfection of manners.

Walked the little mini man in Ravenscourt this morning. Cold. All the abandoned parrots had a gathering on one of the trees.

There are loads of them in London having run away from their owners taking over the parks. Must say i like the little spot of green in grey winter London.

Katta sent over some more photos from Sunday. She has decided to join us for a night over Easter for our little get away. Its only 25 with train from London to easy to do. Its just so nice getting out of the city from time to time. And having a katta join us is perfect so we dont tire of eachothers faces.

I love Petersham. The little old lady in me that wants nothing more in life than a beautiful garden thinks this is her spirit home. Plus sun. Life can not go wrong with sun.

George was not particularly impressed with the whole walking for hours thing so i tried to make him happier with kisses. No luck.

How can you not be happy at this lovely haven away from the city?

Having my prioritise straight. Photographing the deer while holding a crazy barking Woolly. Multi tasking pro.

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