Beast from the East

Ok guys, seriously, i am SO excited for all the snow. I didnt get any this Christmas and im enjoying myself so much. I kind of want to play Christmas music again but im refraining. Be strong.

Yesterday went for dinner at Havelock with the CS team over from France. Bangers and mash in my heart forever. If i ever leave London this is one of the places Ill seriously miss. Food and cider at the Havelock in my heart forever.

In the afternoon it started snowing.

And because snow and me being an awesome boss (high five me) we decided to go out and have a snowball fight. You have to enjoy the snow when it finally happens.

Team snowfie. This is the first time Stu seen snow like this and have a snowball fight. I taught him the hard way that there is not rules and you can totally throw snow at someone from close up. In fact, thats applauded.

It kept snowing. Look at that, its a proper layer of snow and not just a dusting.

My colleagues laughed at me for being so well wrapped up. Then they didnt. Ive got the snow skills man.

Woke up to this. I mean look at that. Its a snow paradise. For real.

Of course London grinds to a halt and most of the team didnt make it in to the office.

But me having a 5 min walk to work braved the weather and headed out into a quiet London filled with people playing in the snow and falling down not able to handle the slippery streets.

Thank you Beast from the East for giving us this winter paradise.

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