Snow way

Yes, i know there is a lot of snow pictures at the moment but bear with me, this NEVER happens in London. It also means that the whole city have more or less grinded to a halt. Only a third of the people are in the office (Im one of them, duh) and tubes etc are barely running.

Ive got Filippa in town at the moment so I need to world to spin so i can go see her.

Me and Stu yesterday. This being his first time seeing real snow im teaching him all my tricks. Protect the face. You dont want an icy beard.

Pretty but messy walk for lunch. Because the londoners are so unprepared you see people sliding and falling all over the place.

But this is one happy guy.

Work being quiet i did some tests on how i would look like as a man. Meet Cecilio.

This is so like Jakob. Seriously. I never thought we look particularly alike but here you can definitely see the family resemblance.

And this is like a weird mix between my dad and my older brother. At least you can tell we are all family.

After work i hid under a blanket on the sofa. Other scandi skills im telling my colleagues about. Hide from the world. George was working and Ol held on to Woolly because of the tubes. So it was just me in my lonesome.

So I took out the lapdog (my tray. Its for the lap with dogs on. Get it? :)) and ate a culinary treat with tunnbrod and watched some anime. Hell to the yes.

This morning woke up to more snow. Being brave and strong and having shit loads of meetings I decided to go on even if its unofficial snow day.

Its pretty much only my team in. Because they are heroes.

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