A scottish treat at Mac and wild

Friday! And Filippa is in town. Very excited about the state of things today. I did manage to go see her yesterday, braved the weather and showed my true viking self. That might have involved a lot of sliding around on the ice but dont blame a girl for losing her ice legs having been in London for 8 years.

The restaurant i chose was next to the scandi shop. Very happy coincident and i came out with loads of candy. You need candy in the snow.

We went to Mac and Wild. A scottish influenced restaurant with focus on meat and whiskey. Nothing wrong with that. Here im drinking an irn bru cocktail. (for those of you that havent heard of this excellent drink, its like the national drink of Scotland. Like julmust for us swedes.)

Pregnant Filippa came tumbling in from the snow and we decided to try some Haggis. It wasnt my favourite but not as bad as some people say.

Haggis pops. She asked to eat something that you cant find in Stockholm and i felt like this really fit the bill. You definitely dont find haggis on your standard menu.

We went a bit more traditional on the main. Venison and mash. So delicious. Loving the scottish thistle plates as well.

And then the dessert. Deep fried mars bars with ice cream and fudge sauce. I. cant. Even. I dont even like deep fried stuff but this was a little taste of heaven.

This morning went out with Woolly in the winter wonderland London is still giving us.He loves running around in the snow and barely knows what to do with himself.

I wore traditional winter fashion. Still like an icicle when i came home.

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