Lost in Lost

Hold your horses, she is posting twice in a day. It is a Monday, work is quiet and I have a whole Sunday to show you so why not go a bit wild and crazy.

Woke up and was a bit hangy (drank like all the koskue gin and the board game night) so George brought me our drunken breakfast shopping (aceing this) to tie me over while he made me breakfast in bed. Yes, he is a hero and yes, i dont deserve him.

I didnt get out of bed until 2. Indulging in March blahness outside the window. And to be honest, only got up to go straight to the sofa. I did poke my head out into the garden long enough to pick up some W poo and see that my flowers are still clinging on to life. Keep fighting.

George decided to open his treat from Australia. He has been saving this for more than a month. See the naked need in his eyes.

And i got a belated bday gift from Charlie. A mega candy worm. I didnt eat it because it looks kind of disgusting but im sure my need will take over and ill chow on that one day.

Then we sat down and started the most epic of epic things. Rewatching Lost. I only saw the first two seasons back in days and dont remember anything really and im fucking loving it.

We watched 10 episodes.

My heroes being awesome. W is just so snuggly at the moment and want to sleep really close all the time and George is always a massive snuggler.

The family. A study in sofa life brought to you by the swede, norwegian, bulgarian, aussie and english coalition.

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