The space blanket

Working from home today. My nose is acting up again and I have no meetings today so heeeelloooo sofa. Everyone else got snow days last week, I’m sneaking one in today. Minus the snow.

At least I’ll be highly stylish while chilling at home.

My bday gift finally arrived. The. Best. Blanket. Ever. It’s like a space opera. But a blanket. And it also has a hood. I’ll never be cold again.

It’s too awesome. And totally looks like something for a kid.

Yesterday it was sunny. And kind of warm. I think spring is finally about to spring. I walked around during lunch sucking in the warmth. Soon.

Then I made some food for my returning hero. George won their basketball game. The first win since his injury in 2014.

The face of a winner.

Then we watched more Lost. My life now.

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