Grow little garden, grow

Hello somewhat sunny Wednesday. I have crawled out of bed and back into work today. Taking my man out to an early bday dinner tonight. Mexican at El Camion. The big celebration is Saturday. Very fitting at Pimp Shuei. Then finally our crazy month and half is done. No more celebrations until next year.

Btw, look at this miracle. My flowers are kind of alive. The hardy little champions are fighting despite snow and cold. Now i just need it to get warm so that i can sit outside and enjoy. I have this vision of myself in a floaty dress reading an intellectual book in my english garden (itll be me in Pjs reading fantasy but aim for the stars)

And heres my jasmine (dont look on the left, not sure why i havent given up on my poundland blueberries yet) complete with some weeds. Almost like a proper gardener.

George worked from home until lunch time so we curled up in the blanket and watched some Lost.

A unicorn blanket for a unicorn. Corny looking sexy in the middle of the hairy motorboat.

And if like my outside garden wasnt enough, i have some spring onions struggling to grow in my kitchen window. My plan is that since we all know that i would be useless if the apocalypse happen at least i can get some basic garden skills and keep us alive with berries.

My unhappy face when i realised george would be late home. 50% missing him, 50% not being able to watch Lost.

Started on This is us instead and loving it so now i have something to keep me entertained when George is out gallivanting the streets.

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