Bye immune system

Im not sure what wrong with me at the moment. The weeks are never ending and i cant remember last time i was sick this often during a winter. Or, i can, but it was when i was deep in depression, barely ate and threw up what little i did eat and it shot my immune system to hell.

This time around i eat everyting, some junk but mostly veggies and healthy stuff, i sleep and im out all the time with Woolly. So no reasons to be going in and out of absolute exhaustion. I hope its just a backlash from a stressful December, crazy fun and busy February and some serious work stress going down.

Im even eating my vitamins. I never eat my vitamins.

Anyway, enough moaning about my crap immune system. On Wednesday i took George out for a pre birthday dinner. We went to El Camion for all the tacos. George was wearing his fancy pineapple shirt.

What a happy little fruit.

Me and all the hot sauces. Looking clever.

My devil of a man. When Oliver told us he was going to take W all night the devil horns came out and George and me decided to do the most of his birthday.

We went to Mimi’s and drank this beautiful criossant syrup based cocktail. We also helped naming the new cocktails on their menu. If you go to Mimis and have a Savvy Shrub (or maybe a Savvy Club) thats all down to George and if you have a The Dukes Negroni thats all me.

Rasa came by for a bit with face covered in glitter. Always love me a bit of glitter.

Happy times. This is where we should have gone home. We didnt. Poor choice.

Yesterday George opened the birthday gift from his mum. A spectacular Chewie robe. Its so soft and fluffy and amazing and I laid under it all day.

Yes, told you, immune system shot to smithereens at the moment.

Our flat is chaos. Problem with a sick me and hung over George is that we just move from room to room messing them up. This is the floor of our bedroom and yes, W is sleeping on my bra.

Next week im off to the Fairmont in Scotland for a work summit. They take me to this beautiful place for me to meet with some prospective partners and to network and wine and dine. Too bad i dont golf since this is the most famous golf resort in Scotland. Im away Monday to Wednesday. Then Paris the week after and then we are off for Easter.

Then, we relax.

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