George’s big day

Hey guys. Hope life is treating you well wherever you are. I’m in sunny St Andrews awaiting a day full of meetings. It’s not too shabby, being wined and dined and taken here to talk shop with other marketing professionals.

However, let’s talk even more amazing times. George’s bday!! Finally 32 baby.

Woke him in the morning with breakfast in bed and two gifts. For both of us. Because I did give him a switch in NYC and wasn’t allowed to give him anything else.

And chocolate balls instead of cake. Because in George’s world chocolate balls win every time.

We left for crown and shuttle and I was wearing my SWAG t-shirt George gave me for my bday. What a couple huh.

Lots of awesome people came and we drunk ourselves a bit silly (sorry Gina and Mario, I failed on controlling his drinks).

After a couple of hours we went to callooh to say goodbye to Liam for his second to last shift. And hi to Dan gracing is with his presence.

Hi Dan.

With amazing Bulgarians. If we keep hanging with them maybe I’ll pick up a word or too.

And finally we ended up at Pimp Shuei. The place where it all started. George getting more love from his friends. Because he is the best.

We hung out and there was a lot of love and hugs going around.

Looking badass.

Then it was just never ending hangout with favourite people. All the happiness.

Yes, it was that kind of night.

Then we sang karaoke. To torn. Because best karaoke song ever.

The best person in the whole wide world. And I know, had to find him all the way from the other side of the world.

Crew!! Our friends are the best. Just saying.

On Sunday I felt like this. We sat on the sofa all day. Because we are heroes.

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