Scotland you beaut

I’ve had some lovely days in Scotland. Mostly inside meeting a lot of interesting people from all over the world and listening to some inspirational speeches.

Was a bit worried it was going to be very sell-y but it’s been good.

I did however manage to leave for a short walk around.

The hotel. You have to love an old Scottish mansion like this. Feel like a princess.

I just love the light in Scotland. It’s kind of purple blue. Tugs at my heart strings.

If I was into golf I’d definitely go here. I’m not though so happy to keep to my side of the road.

In all it’s glory.

Heading back to London today. A couple of more meetings in the morning and then off. Hopefully home safe and sound by 8 tonight snoozing up next to my man and mini hound.

On that note. I REALLY want to save Aled. Look at his little bow tie. I know we don’t have room or the time given that I’m sharing W but still.

No one wants him 😦

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